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Let's Talk Mobility

Do you have full range of motion in your joints? Maybe you're not even sure. Let's find out.

Your range of motion (ROM) is the degree of movement around each joint. Without full ROM your activities of daily living can be affected. You may notice you have an arch in your lower back, this could be from tight hip flexors, rectus femorus (quads), or erector spinae (back extensors), or weak abdominals, glutes, or hamstrings.

If You're lacking in mobility you could have poor posture, limited movement, aches and pains, and trouble keeping good form on lifts.

If you can't fully extend yours arms straight overhead (without arching you back) chances are you have tight pectoral (chest) muscles.

Roll the Tight- Strengthen the Weak

Grab a lacrosse ball, tennis ball or foam roller. Massage muscles that are tight- You should get a good idea what muscles these are by trying to do a body weight movement (like a squat or overhead reach) with perfect form and pay attention to where you feel the stretch or what area is stopping the movement. Those are the muscles you want to massage or roll. Normally the antagonist muscle (muscle opposite of the one your rolling) is the weak area and this should be strengthened. So for the lower back arch, one muscle you should roll is your quads while the muscle you should strengthen is your hamstring (opposite muscle/movement).

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