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Can You Get Results Without Lifting Heavy??

What if you can't Go Big? Are you wasting your time if you can't push yourself as hard as you think you should?

Not everyone can throw plates like The Hulk, the reality is that some people have injuries or issues they have to work around. This absolutely does NOT mean that lifting weights isn't for you. Sometimes going heavy on squats and dead lifts isn't an option. Having back issues (like scoliosis in my case) doesn't mean you have to avoid the rack. It means you have to focus. Load a lighter weight and really focus on the mind muscle connection. Force the right muscle to do the most work. Trying to work your glutes? Quads? Concentrate on squeezing and contracting the muscle you're working. If you're just going through the motions you can easily turn a glute exercise into a back dominant workout. #themoreyouknow 😉

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